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Marijuana Gold Rush 2011

Marijuana Gold Rush examines the phenomenon of the ‘ganjapreneur’ as an increasing number of people are joining the so called ‘Green Rush’ to generate money growing cannabis following the relaxation of cannabis laws in the state, despite the fact that cannabis remains illegal under federal laws. This film really illustrates that if there isn’t all that much demand for medical marijuana now, there soon will be, as thousands jump on the bandwagon attempting to supply it. The documentary shows that normal business laws will apply in the market for marijuana. Will we see TV ads for marijuana concentrate? Will we see cutthroat business practices such as price wars and oligopolies? Marketing budgets? Maybe even IPOs? The farmer being squeezed for profit with prices remaining constant for the end user? – The film puts some interesting perspective on this new growing industry but only a completely hypothetical one, as it is federal laws which will ultimately matter and the little men will be squashed by a pair of big federal boots long before businesses can become established enough for the normal business rules to apply. It serves as a timely warning though, what will happen to the marijuana industry if it becomes federally legalized? How long until Wall Street gets it hands on the crop dollars, and what will be the first major sporting event to have Marijuana Inc. sponsorship?

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